Behavioral Medicine


Predictors of HIV Risk Behavior in Iranian Women Who Inject Drugs

This study aimed to investigate predictors of drug-related HIV risk behaviors among women who inject drugs.


Urinary Incontinence: Its Assessment and Relationship to Depression among Community-Dwelling Multiethnic Older Women

Urinary Incontinence (UI) affects many older adults. Some of its deleterious consequences include stress, major depression, diminished quality of life, sexual dysfunction, and familial discord. Of the various mental health problems identified in the literature as being comorbid with UI, the most notable one continues to be depression.


Aging with HIV: Sense of Coherence, Proactive Coping, and Quality of Life in Gay Men Over Fifty

Research on the experience of living with HIV has provided valuable information to professionals who work with people living with HIV. Although there is a growing amount of biomedical research on the interaction of HIV infection and the aging process, little is known about how an individual's inherent resilience factors make this chronic disease manageable.