Francisco Rosales-Perez, B.S.


Francisco Rosales-Perez earned his bachelor of science in food and nutritional science at California State University, Los Angeles. He has over nine years of work experience in the public sector. Francisco has experience providing support to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. He also worked as a para-optometric assistant with Dr. Richard Steiner and Rebecca Steiner providing translation and optometry support services to patients, including Spanish-speaking children and families in need of discounted or free vision care. Francisco became involved in research while at Child Care Resource Center, Inc., providing program support and data analysis for the Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership program. In addition to research at IBHRI, he works as a regional coordinator at Bevaris Alliance, which oversees food and nutrition programs for over 40 schools in southern California. Francisco works as a consultant and serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors at IBHRI.


Francisco is dedicated to addressing psychosocial challenges in the area of food and nutrition science as it pertains to individual and public health. He is interested in the link between food choices and diseases. His research interests include nutrition recommendations and interventions in children and elderly people with diabetes. 



Francisco Rosales-Perez
Research Scientist

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