The state of behavioral & Social sciences


The incentive structures within academia are hampering our ability to fix the reproducibility crisis. Rather than pressuring researchers by defining success in quantity (grant dollars, publication numbers), we must reward quality and impact.


The behavioral and social sciences are far more complex and variable than some of the natural sciences; not only is there an almost uncountable number of factors affecting individual and social behavior, but these factors combine and interact in extremely complex and mutable ways.

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Research Areas

The primary function of IBHRI is behavioral and community health science research. We strive to help inform prevention approaches and treatment of chronic health conditions where behaviors exert a strong influence on health outcomes. Our affiliated research scientists have a broad range of expertise that complement psychological, health, and social sciences.


Behavioral Medicine

Integrating behavioral, psychosocial, and biomedical science knowledge and techniques to better understand health and illness.  


Understanding the role of social, economic, cultural, and systemic factors on educational attainment and outcomes.

Community Psychology

Working at the intersection of psychology and public health to address public health problems.

Innovation & Technology

Studying the integration and use of information management systems and technology in health and behavioral health.


What We Do

IBHRI consists of researchers, practitioners, advocates, and community members interested in working together to solve complex, multidimensional issues. We provide researchers with opportunities to enhance collaboration on large-scale, interdisciplinary research projects.


Independent researchers are invited to become affiliated with IBHRI or collaborate on research projects that investigate behavioral health and social science issues. We share our research with the community upholding the belief that knowledge should be widely accessible to all.

Our location independence allows affiliated researchers to reside anywhere in the world. We currently have affiliated researchers located in the U.S., Canada, Cyprus, Greece, and Iran. Scientists and students from any discipline and any part of the world can join IBHRI.

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IBHRI was founded in 2017 by Dr. Josh Matacotta, Edith Gurrola, and Francisco Rosales-Perez. It has a board of directors, a scientific advisory board, affiliated research scientists, and community partners. Scientists and students from any discipline and any part of the world can join IBHRI as an affiliated research scientist (affiliated researcher). Our location independence allows affiliated researchers to reside anywhere in the world. Our affiliated researchers currently reside in USA, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, and Iran.


Affiliate ResearcherS

Scholars and researchers who share our mission, vision, and values and need an institutional affiliation are welcome.

board opportunities

The Board of Directors supports IBHRI and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance.

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