Board of Directors

Research Scientist Affiliates


Partners & Collaborators

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Our Board of Directors and Affiliate Research Scientists contribute to one or more of the following functions:

Community Relations

Board members, affiliated research scientists, and collaborators are involved in outreach and relationship building with community nonprofits, businesses, government, colleges, and universities. IBHRI representatives attend conferences and events in order to develop new relationships and identify ways to meet community needs.



Research scientists and research scientist interns are engaged in sponsored and grant-funded research in behavioral medicine, psychology, social sciences, education, and health technology. These projects are conducted in-house or in collaboration with other partners such as nonprofit organizations, research centers, colleges, and universities.



Board members, affiliated research scientists, and collaborators identify and engage in opportunities to provide valuable services to community nonprofit organizations. Services include program evaluation, consultation, joint advocacy, and other as-needed collaborations. Additionally, we create partnerships with other entities to provide or evaluate community health and social services programs and services. Finally, we work with partners to access participants for research with the goal of conducting applied and pragmatic research that identifies solutions to issues that can be implemented within the community.