What We Do…

IBHRI consists of volunteer researchers, practitioners, advocates, students, and community members interested in working together to solve complex, multidimensional behavioral health and social issues. IBHRI members can collaborate and share resources with each other as they work on interdisciplinary research and program evaluation projects.

What We Offer…


Independent researchers are invited to become affiliated with IBHRI or collaborate on research projects that investigate behavioral health and social science issues. Independent scholars and researchers who operate without the benefit of academic affiliation can join IBHRI and enjoy access to resources and colleagues. We share our research with the community upholding the belief that knowledge should be widely accessible to all and used to improve the well-being of the community. More importantly, we consult with and engage community members as experts.

Report Writing

We use your analyzed data to tell a story about your research, program, or intervention. We collaborate with the research scientist or program evaluator to put together a cogent and compelling story.

Data Collection and Analysis

Members have expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches. We also ask clients to consider allowing an IBHRI intern the opportunity to work with you and learn from your project. All work is supervised by a seasoned professional.


The Integrative Behavioral Health Research Institute (IBHRI) is an independent non-profit research institution based in Pasadena, California.



Improve health equity and well-being for underserved populations by engaging in information sharing, multidisciplinary collaboration, and behavioral health research.


We envision a community of researchers, clinical practitioners, and public and social services professionals that work together to solve complex behavioral health and social issues. Driven by our goal to eliminate health disparities for underserved populations, we bring together the expertise of individuals from multiple fields. We are determined to put to rest persisting deficit models that are adversely used to understand social, health, and mental health issues. We use strength-based frameworks that consider individuals within systems and approaches that enhance sustainability, long-term competencies, and resilience.








IBHRI Corporate Bylaws

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